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P.S. 1 Warm-up Sessions

The annual P.S. 1 Warm-up sessions may just be THE quintessential NYC
clubbing event. It's a unique experience where art merges with music,
popular culture and people so diverse they could only be from New York;
all combining to create something part club, part fashion show and part
social mixer. This Saturday's Warm-up, the last of this year, was the
perfect note to mark the traditional end of the summer, Labor Day weekend.

For the closing weekend of Summer 2004, the all-star duo The Cosmic Twins
- christened by Detroit techno innovator Derrick May & French-born,
NYC-based house legend Francois K. - helmed the decks for the festivities.
Six hours of musical bliss for a crowd ready to party. As expected, we
heard classics like "Strings of Life" and "Knights of the Jaguar", but we
also heard a wide range of funky-jazzy-house, jungle, micro-bleeps and
banging techno; all mixed into a seamless blend of music for people to
dance to. And dance they did; I haven't seen such an inspired crowd all
summer. The twins had the masses on the "dancefloor" and all through out
the courtyard bouncing with fists in the air and cheering all afternoon.

Well over 7,000 were in attendance attendance throughout the day, and it
seemed each of them came ready for fun. The gathered masses included the
requisite hipsters, clubbers, celebs (does Moby count?), DJ groupies,
families with their kids in tow. I think many were just happy to make it
to the actual party and past a regular admission line that wrapped around
three city blocks and stretched for hundreds and hundreds of people. For
those people clever enough to arrive between 12pm - 2:00pm entry is
actually free; but of course, most people don't seem to take advantage of
this and arrive fashionably late to face interminable queues. Lucky for
us, membership has its privileges as MOMA members - as well as LIC
residents and accredited members of the press - have access to the shorter
special VIP line and free admission. That was a big benefit this weekend
on top of the good feeling of supporting a NYC art institution.

The setting of this year's Warm-Up was no less spectacular. Every year
MoMA's Young Architects Program hosts a competition for emerging
architects to design the PS1 courtyard space and envision an "Urban Beach"
environment as the setting for the Warm-Up series. This year's "Canopy",
designed by nARCHITECTS, was constructed primarily of freshly cut green
bamboo and featured spaces for lounging and relaxation including a wading
pool and a sandy area for sunbathers. The bamboo theme was widely agreed
by the party goers, to have trumped all previous years with it's
transparent intergration with the courtyard's open space and integrated
water mist sprays to provide temperature relief. We spent more than a
minute dancing in the mist, lost in a cloud of good intentions and quality

You can't quite capture the energy of the dancefloor and the raucous
screams and hands-in-the-air excitement in words but while you're there
it's the most inspired feeling. It's an amalgam of all that NYC is and
what electronic music and clubbing should aspire to be.

For those who missed out this year, shame on you! This is a NYC summer
institution and a clubbing must.

See you in 2005!

Photo credit: Chris McNaughty P.S. 1 - photos 1, Chris McNaughty P.S. 1 photos 2

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