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Summer is on! Memorial day weekend traditionally marks the beginning of summer and for me that heralds the beginning of outdoor parties. So Sunday night I ventured out to Le Souk (47 Avenue B) - my perennial summertime favorite hangout going on 3 years now this summer.

I remember the first time I walked onto the terrace in 2001 and I immediately felt like I was in Ibiza. Of course the terrace here is a miniscule one compared to Space, but it was the energy and the international crowd that sparked the deja-vu. Although only in New York City will you find the wide diversity of races - all speaking the same language.

Finally after a winter of construction the back terrace was open again. The owners, Egyptian brothers Sam & Marcus have successfully made additions to the restaurant-bar-club-madhouse over the years. First the addition of the second room, the terrace dancefloor and decks, the extra bathrooms downstairs and now a 20 feet sub-level dancefloor with a mezzanine terrace over looking it. The dancefloor wasn't fully open yet, but they anticipate a July unveiling with a grass dancefloor.

As it was, the space transported us to Morocco or was it to Ibiza, anywhere but New York. The architecture, the openness, the music, the smiles - all created a magical place. Many people commented on this, as if we were all of the same mind. Granted the holiday weekend had people in a tizzy and large amounts of alcohol and music fueled by the Sunday residents SWAMY and Astro&Glyde all added to the mix. I love New York!

I've found my summer place (again!) - at least on Sundays. Come have a drink, enjoy the sun!

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