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My Hair Stylist: AVI

It's amazing how a hair stylist can transform you. I appreciate people who excel at what they do in whatever field it may be - music, art, technology, PR, and even hair. One visit to my stylist and you'll know what I'm talking about. Every client who walks in, walks out a completely new person. First, there's "the talk." Through conversation AVI will analyze you and find out who you are, how daring you might be and what would be appropriate for the individual. Don't ever let somebody shepard you to the sink for a wash before a serious conversation and analysis of your hair and lifestyle. Otherwise they're just cutting your hair and you might as well be sitting at SuperCuts.

AVI is an Israeli and shares that passionate hot fire temperament known to artists. He works out of his home, mainly because I'm not sure any salon could even share his vision. Part-counselor, part make-up artist, part-confidante and full-on hair maestro! I blocked out a whole afternoon (as a hair appointment with Avi might often be filled with drop-in guests, two adorable dogs - chutzpah & little man, Israeli coffee, cigarettes, and tÍte-ŗ-tÍtes about life, love and the everyday), but it was well worth it. I've already referred many friends and colleagues in the music, clubbing and fashion industry and the word continues to spread - new converts being initiated all the time. If you need that something something in your life or just looking for a change, then drop me an email and I'll hook you up with the haircut of your life. Here's the latest 2005 haircut for me:

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