Delta Heavy Tour: NYC
    @ The World, New York
    Saturday, April 13, 2002
    Rating: 9
    Sasha & Digweed on fire...

The dual masters of the musical mix return to Gotham. After their 4-year residency at Twilo and our brief reunion during Thanksgiving 2001 @ Cipriani’s it was good to finally have the boys back in town at a real clubbing venue. It’s official, Sasha & John Digweed have returned as conquering heroes. They are trailblazing the way for the DJ-phenomenon, as the Delta Heavy tour is truly the first DJ-tour of its kind in the scale of production and massive undertaking it entails bringing Sasha & Digweed front-and-center across 35-cities across America. The tour embarks on a significant moment in these somewhat lost clubbing times.

The visuals by Imaginary Forces introduced us to another lost world where Sasha & Digweed are our shamans healing us of the world’s woes if just for one night. The stark, stoic images of Digweed behind the decks only added weight to his leading us into the foray of the night. Ever meticulous and always ten steps ahead, Digweed keeps it steady, building the pace for a Sasha blow-out. The plasma screens throughout the venue provided the eye candy along with the aural sensations titillating our inner workings.

Then, Sasha and Digweed brought it home. As they pounded, pulsated and uplifted their way with chugging beats and swirly synths interspersed throughout, the dedicated throngs gathered on the dancefloor in heartfelt celebration. The wonder twins were on fire unlike anytime I remembered them. Or maybe it is just absence that makes the heart grow fonder. As if Cipriani’s was just a warm-up test drive, tonight provided the full-blown out party we were all looking for. Sure times are different and expectations change but they brought it on for me into 6am dancing bliss. From the get go, the crowd was on its knees unwilling to leave the dancefloor, looking up expectantly at S&D for the music we needed to fill our souls. If only for one night, Sasha reminds us of everything that was and to be. There’s a subtle optimism and peaking happiness that is his trademark sound. Listening to him spin his own tracks, I actually imagined myself in Ibiza on the terrace at Space with the planes jettisoning overhead across the black canvas or on the beaches of Café Mambo with the sun setting across the horizon. These songs are the harbinger of summer 2002 and the sunny days that lie ahead. After a cruel, dark Autumn, the winter has finally decided to bow out and we celebrate together on the heels of WMC 2002 and anticipation for the promising months ahead.

So much in store for us on the near horizon…a new mixed CD by John Digweed - MMII (as in 2002) on Bedrock to be released on June 4th. Not only in name alone, the title reminds us of a significant new year and the evolution of the scene in America. I see S&D leading us along the progressive soundscape, Where "progressive is an attitude," says Flyting Dutchman Sander Kleinenberg. Also, Sasha’s new album that has been in the works since his car accident in early 2001 is destined to be a classic amongst the ranks of Northern Exposure and GU 013: Ibiza. Expect this one to be released in September 2002. This is the first artist album from the man they call ___.

They say if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. Tonight we had Sasha & Digweed in Gotham again. It’s up to you ~New York ~New York! Sasha, John & Jimmy brought it to The World and we were there to witness it all. Remember the night, and as days go by, we’ll continue to memorialize the annals of Gotham clubbing together.

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