Daydream with Junior Vasquez
    @ Exit, New York
    Saturday, January 19, 2002
    Rating: 8
    One girlís extraordinary journey to the center of EARTHÖ...

In recent months, there have been complaints about the clubbing scene in New York lacking a certain je ne se quoi a la energy or vibrancy. Lo and behold, eureka! Iíve struck gold at Earth. Junior has led the foray at most of the top clubbing venues over the last 12 years in Gotham from the original Sound Factory, Tunnel, to Arena at Palladium and Juniorverse at Twilo before its untimely demise and a host of other venues that were certainly before my time. Over the years he has amassed a loyal, dedicated following and there was always this insider element to the outsiders. To know Junior is to love Junior, through his role as queen of the night and drama antics, Junior demands respect and by golly, his fans bring it on in heaps and mounds. This was to be my first real Junior experience in recent years and I wanted to see what his followers have been preaching these many months about Earth and check it out to see what was going on for myself.

Iíve been to the same venue on many occasions, back when it was only known as Exit and now in its latest incarnation as Exit2. Today on this bright Sunday morning it is only known as Earth. We have touched down. The cavernous space was filled with beautiful men. After a quick stroll through muscle beach, an area by the main bar filled with shirtless hunks of beef. Ahh~ such eye candy is never to be found in the other clubs I frequent. To bad Iím not even so much of a blip on their radar, but that just added to the beauty of the night for me. Sexual liberation Ė free at last! Free at last! Thanks God Almighty Iím free at last! For sure, I was bumping and grinding with the bold and the beautiful without the usual hassle to be found at Exit under normal circumstances. A straight womanís fantasy comes true to life. The crowd was replete with queens, straights, fag hags and the random newcomer Ė a true mosaic of the real New York. We were of one mind though and that was to dance! dance! dance!

Earth provides magnificent sound considering the enormous space and Junior used this to the fullest creating a musical soundscape that kept fires burning for the party people. The party has so many extra elements that truly define NYC clubbing with go-go dancers, custom visuals and live performances. Janice Robinson of Livin' Joy was front and center on stage. As the crowd roared in applause, she asked the crowd whether it was for her or ďher baby.Ē Cheers ran through the crowd as a pregnant diva is a most magnificent sight. She was literally glowing from the stage, while performing her hit songs Dreamer and Earthbeat. A feat of pure energy that feed into the crowd.

This party is pure fun and family. The energy on the dancefloor goes into the early evening and I managed to hold my own from 8am until the Last Dance at 5:45pm. Earth is akin to a church and the true believers decree this as their Sunday morning worship. The "king of after-hours" reigned at Earth and for just for one night, I was a believer, daydreaming with the rest of them.

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Photo by Ooana Trien

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