Anthony Pappa with Sean Cusick
    @ Vinyl, New York
    Saturday, January 12, 2002
    Rating: 8
    I know the party people dancing around me felt the same energy, it coursed through us as we looked around at each other and bounced in unison, each according to our own distinct style...

"...It's not about being dark, it's about not being too commercial. I mean, you can play uplifting tracks and you can play moodier tracks but I think it's about getting the combination of the two to keep the crowd interested and to educate them, and also give them a good time because if you played dark all night, I don't think people would walk away happy. So I mean, I wouldn't say I play darker. I play underground, but that's not necessarily dark". - Anthony Pappa

We arrived at Vinyl near 3:30am and Anthony Pappa had already hit the decks. I did want to catch him from the beginning in order to fully appreciate the full programming of his set from beginning to end. Oh well. I always love doing that, only then do you have a full appreciation and understanding of what the DJ is trying to do in a given night. Thatís why you can always still find me at the end of the party. I can never seem to bear the thought of leaving when I know the DJ is still spinning.

Having seen Pappa only a month prior, I was definitely interested in what he had to turn out. To me his sound is pure progressive with overlying tones of trance and tech interspersed throughout. He can get uplifting and then, he can bring it down dark and dirty to create an atmospheric aural wash of memory bliss. This is some of the beauty I hear in his sets. That plus, the multiple layers upon layers of sounds and the way he brings in a sample in-and-out throughout the course of the entire night. You think youíre hearing a certain song and before you know it itís gone. Itís almost like an aural mirage. Did you really hear it or is your ear playing tricks on you? Kageki mentioned he heard the Radiohead sample of Everything in itís Right Place throughout the night. I didnít, but then again I think I was too busy bouncing to hear the subtleties. By 6am, Pappa let us have it with Evolutionís Walking on Fire. Every time I hear this, the haunting vocals move me Ė itís such a beautiful song that consistently takes my breath away. For those naysayers about Vinyl, this song was evident of the much-improved sound system. Then, Pappa brought on the breaks - progressive breaks that suit his style and continued to engage the dancefloor.

His set this month definitely had more vocals than usual and at times the progressive energy of the tracks would consume me until I was dancing with all my might nearly out of breath. I know the party people dancing around me felt the same energy, it coursed through us as we looked around at each other and bounced in unison, each according to our own distinct style. Beautiful!

I have to say I was a little disappointed at the end of Pappaís set though. Similarly to last monthís party he ended with Chemical Brothers Star Guitar and then closed with his remix of FSOLís Papa New Guinea and Major Northís Annihilate with Kasey Taylor. If you havenít heard the Chems Star Guitar it is a surefire dancefloor-mayhem-inducing, hands-in-the-air-waving, feel-good track. I truly love it and Iím sure it will characterize a lot of parties in 2002. From what Iíve heard already, the Chemical Brothers (naturally), Anthony Pappa, Danny Howells, Sander and Trendroid have all dropped it in their sets at either peak time or closing. I just wanted a little variety. We heard that already. Do something different, surprise us. For those that faithfully follow the DJ, we want to be inspired again and again, each time in a different way. At least thatís me. From the look on the dancefloor though, nobody else seemed to mind one bit. Cheers to another great night with Pappa!

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