Plexi: Trendroid, Pep & Jason Jollins
    @ Filter 14, New York
    Thursday, January 10, 2002
    Rating: 7
    All together now; DJs, producers, promoters and clubbers alike will help bring it and collectively, we will put New York back on the map...

Typically, January tends to be the slowest clubbing month. In the UK most clubs and DJs seem to take the entire month off in order to recover from the hedonism of NYE and gear up for another 11 months of non-stop partying. In New York things are a little different, the promoters try and bring it and the parties still go on, but this year the sentiment in the air is a bit different. The economic recession, high unemployment rates (particularly high in the clubbing sectorís target audience) and the events of 9-1-1 have all adversely affected clubbing in New York today. All this at a time when New York needs the release - that an all-night dancing marathon can provide or even a couple hours of escapism from worries about job security, money, terrorism, war and anthrax - the most.

Tonight, we got a bit of that reprieve in the form of Plexi. Itís taken some time but over the last 11 months, Plexi has substantially built its audience with a commitment to the NYC underground DJs who just needed a platform to be heard and a space for the party people to release themselves. Party people come to Plexi in search of many things: good music, quality DJs, vibe and just a night of sheer dancing fun. We at Plexi try to bring it with an all-friendly vibe, intimate dancing quarters - fueled by quality DJs who know how to bring it to the party. Tonight we had that on all three fronts. Thanks to Trendroid, Frankie Pep and Jason Jollins for bringing it to Plexi.

Frankie Pep in his signature Kangol warmed the decks gracefully. We had heard him most recently alongside Hybrid & Terry Casey at Centro-Fly and we wanted to bring him into Plexi to show his stuff. Then, Trendroid on the decks at 11pm and the dynamic duo does it again. Itís truly amazing how four hours of music can easily pass you by when youíre lost on the dancefloor engrossed in the music. One of the aspects I admire about Trendroid is their ability to rock a party. This they surely did. Jason Jollins took to the decks and while Jason has been steadily building his following in New York he has also began to start producing, as more and more DJs find out how to successfully break out. Tonight, we heard the debut of his first, original track The Coming and it bodes well for the beginning of 2002.

As more and more NYC producers and DJs are being recognized locally and worldwide for their achievements, from older stalwarts like Satoshi Tomiie and Hector Romero to last yearís shining stars John Creamer (@ Plexi Jan 24th) & Stephane K Ė the sound of New York is being broadcast on dancefloors worldwide. The year in 2002 we will see the rise of local talent making a mark on the world stage with DJ|producers like Trendroid taking front and center stage. The Coming of 2002 will bring in new things. To me, it begins New Yorkís mission to Take Back the Music. All together now; DJs, producers, promoters and clubbers alike will help bring it and collectively, we will put New York back on the map. New York has always been the focal point of fashion, culture and finance. Once upon a time we were even the bastions of dance music as well, with Larry Levanís Paradise Garage, David Mancusoís The Loft, Shelter and Frankie Bones Storm Raves paving the way for todayís scene. Somewhere along the lines New York got lost though. Back in the Twilo days, New York was a mere reflection of the global sound at least in the progressive realm. Hopefully this year will present us with newfound direction. Can you bring it? I know I will.

I *heart* New York.

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Photos by Randy D. Gladman and Betty Kang

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