Hybrid (dj set) & Terry Casey
    @ Centro-Fly, New York
    Thursday, December 20, 2001
    Rating: 7
    Billie Jean is not my lover~ Apparently, nor Bushwacka!'s...

In lieu of Thursday's normal Subliminal Records party, we had UK guests in the house. Most well-known for their live PA acts, UK duo Hybrid was here to entertain with a DJ set. Having seen Hybrid perform live at Trancegiving '99 and opening for Moby in Fall '00 - Hybrid as a live PA is not be missed. Their performance is truly that of rockstar caliber sans the attitude. Nary could you find two nicer blokes than Mike & Chris (with Lee nowhere in sight).

Gotham's own Mike Robinson warmed the decks and the crowd with his own set of progressive breaks. With a new track Instant Devotion due out on Juggernaut Recordings, Mike Robinson et al. are poised to lead NYC into a breaks revolution. Look out for the DayBreak’s parties in 2002. They’re sure to take off. Will 2002 be the year of breaks? We’ll have to wait and see.

Hybrid on the decks played a medley of progressive big room tracks riddled with trance and a healthy sampling of breaks of which they are widely known for. Trainspotting tonight includes: Placebo Passive Aggressive, Planet Funk Chase The Sun, even a PvD favorite Jam & Spoon Be Angeled, and a recent hit on all the dancefloors New Order’s Crystal. All in all nothing spectacular about their DJ-set, but then again, they save the spectacle for their live PAs.

Terry Casey came upon the decks near 3am and immediately jump-started the night with Bushwacka!'s remix of Michael Jackson's classic Billie Jean. This is an ndoubtedly surefire crowd-pleaser, as the generation that idolized Michael Jackson started to groove to the familiar strains with new life. Off the dancefloor, Bushwacka!'s Billie Jean has raised issues of integrity in the industry as Buswacka! had originally approached Epic for licensing permissions for Billie Jean but to no avail. Meanwhile, an unauthorized bootleg version has currently sold over 20,000 copies. Matthew Bushwacka! said "I tried to do it all above board, I sent a CD to the proper people at the respective record companies. But nothing happened, the CDs are probably still sitting on their desks. They're mugs. I'm a mug. We're all mugs! Someone's making loads of money out of all of us. All I can say is, I hope it's not someone I know." Whomever it may be - shame on him!

Back to the dancefloor and despite any behind the scenes industry drama the party people continued to dance away. Terry continued to keep the energy high amongst the party people, rocking it out in true DJ fashion, where the party doesn’t end on the dancefloor it is just a continuation of the party in the DJ booth. Terry does this well and with him at the helm it tends to be quite a party indeed. ‘Twas a fun night of all-out Thursday night dancing. Cheers to Juggernaut for making it all happen!

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