Plexi: Trendroid, Betty & Ted...oh my!
    @ Filter 14, New York
    Thursday, December 13, 2001
    Rating: 8.5
    Happy Birthday Betty!!!

Oh what a night! The last real birthday ”party” I had was my sweet sixteen and although the DJ did play all those new wave classics like OMD, Kon Kan and Anything Box, he definitely couldn’t hold a candle to the sound of Trendroid. The festivities began early with Trendroid opening up on the decks for a 5-hour birthday special for Plexi partner Betty and Twilo Ted, our gracious host for the Loft parties, including the best party of 2001 – the Danny Howells Engagement party and the last party ever at the loft - Satoshi & Trendroid on Halloween. We were blessed with the biggest bottles of Ketel One from Trendroid. Thanks droids! A birthday treat indeed, but nothing compared to the sounds emanating from the dancefloor.

Leading up to the party, somebody from the NaughtyBooth asked, “what kind of music does Trendroid play?” Think progressive, think tech, think house, think tribal... One of their strengths is their vast diversity. Their sound is composed of distinct elements culminating in a futuristic house sound. “In terms of DJing, we don’t limit ourselves by saying we only play one style. We try to incorporate all different elements, sounds and styles" said Matt ½ of Trendroid.

The night was a blur of birthday wishes and serious bouncing on the dancefloor. The familiar mixed in with new tracks each taken to a different new direction and sound. On my excursions in and about the dancefloor, I heard Satoshi’s “Virus” (Luke Fair remix) which is always nice to re-cog-nize, especially in the house of Satoshi. The new wave comeback kings New Order “Someone Like You” and an attempt on the CDJ with Information Society “What's on Your Mind (Pure Energy),” but unfortunately the machine was highly uncooperative. Taking it all in stride, the droids continued on with the bumping beats. Then, whether the droids knew it or not one of my all-time trance faves - Lustral “Everytime.” Sweet! Seemingly an unlikely pick, but you never know what to expect from these two, except tunes to make it a party.

The influx of new wave groups making a comeback pleases me to no end. Music has the tendency to be cyclical, but it works as long as there is the constant reinvention that continues to push the scene forward. The early stalwarts like New Order & Depeche Mode with their synthesizer sounds, simple baselines and moody vocals forged my introduction to electronica early on. Now that they are back on the scene and newly infused with remixes from the dance cognoscenti, more than nostalgia takes over – it’s the achievement of something even better, and this evolution of new wave onto the dancefloor will move an entire generation. My birthday reminds me of this bygone era, but I also look to the future with delight.

Visuals for the night supplied by TonyLee & Waikin added an extra element to the party. Happy Birthday messages with the droid featured throughout, while the cityscape took us through a sonic journey. In a city of diminishing returns on parties, sometimes the little things make the difference. How do you distinguish going out dancing with a real P-A-R-T-Y? Is it in the attitude or the dancefloor? The people or the place? In the smiles or the moves? Whatever the formula may be, we had the right equation tonight.

During the course of the night, a party person asked the other ½ of Trendroid Pankaj what the key was to making a party like this happen. He said "Just do your thing and have fun." These droids surely know how to do their thing! New York has a new dynamic duo in its midst. As Sasha & Digweed move on to MTV NYE and seemingly greener pastures, we in New York are proud to present an original: Trendroid – carrying the sound of the UK with the attitude of New York City. It starts right here, right now. Look out for this dynamic duo to be making serious waves as DJs-cum-producers in 2002.

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