Satoshi Tomiie & Anthony Pappa
    @ Vinyl, New York
    Saturday, December 8, 2001
    Rating: 7
    There's something about Satoshi. Who's your Pappa?

Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat nor gloom of night stays these party people from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. The weather outside proved frightful but the determination of the party people prevailed.

Satoshi was already on the decks when I arrived past 1am. The dancefloor was filling up nicely and the party people were already finding their groove. For many of us tonight this was our first time in Gotham listening to Satoshi on a big sound system and we were excited at the prospect of his sound filling the dancefloor proper. At first, I feared that he would stick to an opening DJ set, but he proceeded to bang it out dark & dirty with vocals tempered throughout, also building and sustaining high energy in the room. At 3am, Satoshi dropped Trendroid's Croc Hunter mix of "Mind Filter" and this took the party to another level as the dancefloor burst into a frenzy. All this while the droids Matt & Pankaj were looking on from the booth. Most excellent! A classic moment arrived when we heard the strains for Future Sound of London "Papa New Guinea." Satoshi's remix has been heard on dancefloors worldwide, but tonight it was all the more poignant as DJ/Remixer held the reins while we rode the song into the night. Brilliant! Papa New Guinea never sounded so good. Tonight New York showed their love for Satoshi Tomiie in full force. Satoshi's monthly sets at the SAW* Blister at Filter 14 have earned him a loyal and growing following. Cheers to Satoshi, SAW Recordings & Blister for keeping it real in the scene.

Anthony Pappa, the 28 year old DJ from down under. Pappa hit the decks at 4am and we were ready. I've heard Pappa at Twilo before and tonight confirmed it. He is one of the most talented DJs around. No wonder, he started spinning at age 13, won a DMC mixing competition at age 15 and was a natural choice to kick-off the NuBreed cd series. He is a bonafide master at laying tracks: one on top of another. There were seamless, endless loops and samples of songs to last an eternity. We were swept through a uniquely original soundscape during the course of his set. All in the midst of progressive beats to keep us bouncing. Was it me or did I hear the strains of Papa New Guinea all night long. Maybe Satoshi managed to imprint it in my sonic memory but I could've sworn that wistful strains of it could be heard throughout the night. I found myself on the dancefloor for the last few hours of his set with all the naughty people in my midst. Also on the dancefloor was Satoshi who donned a sign from the bar - "Ear Plugs $2.00." Now Satoshi, what do you really think of the sound system? Ha!

At 8am, Pappa encored with the soon-to-be released Chemical Brothers "Star Guitar" into an abbreviated Brancaccio & Aisher "Lovely Day." For his final track to end the night and complete the ride, Pappa brought on FSOL "Papa New Guinea" (Satoshi Tomiie Main-Path) with Major North's "Annihilate." Pure brilliance! He's stated in interviews that Papa New Guinea is one of his all-time favorite tracks. No wonder.

There's a sentiment that the "underground" excludes any DJ who has a Global Underground or NuBreed compilation, but I beg to differ. To me, it's not about marketing and sales it's about the sound & attitude. The underground sound as defined by DJs like Satoshi and Pappa. When Pappa dropped King Unique "Dirty" with the dark chorus recounting in my mind: "obscene - dirty- filthy - immoral....oh yeaaaah!" I found myself thinking THIS is the sound of the underground. This is what's underneath the mainstream radar and the lyrics from Trancesetters "Roaches" came to mind, "underground forever baby, we're just like roaches, never die, always live." Like progressive, underground can simply be an attitude. Carry on.

It was a good night for those who weathered the storm. As my aching back & feet remind me of all the dancing that night, it definitely was well worth it.

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Photos by Hector Romero

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