Plexi with Tini Tun, Bill Patrick & Jason Jollins
    @ Filter 14, New York
    Thursday, November 29, 2001
    Rating: 8
    From beginning to end, a party with all the right elements...

The night began with anticipation and anxiety. Especially after the last Plexi party struggled against Deep Dish at Centro-Fly. Tonight, hopes were high with a stellar line-up of NYC's own Bill Patrick, Mexico's Tini Tun and Plexi resident Jason Jollins. We would have to wait and see…

Bill's early set time drew in a healthy crowd and quite honestly, it was one of the best opening sets I've ever heard. From beginning to end, the subtle progression exploded by midnight. The crowd was fully engaged. In the booth, James Bem of Astrogylde joined in the fun as he twiddled with the knobs and sliders. James's enthusiasm was infectious as the tracks built up and exploded with bouncing bodies all over the room.

Tini Tun entered the booth shortly after midnight. For the record, Tini may be his name, but his sound is anything but. This was my first time hearing Tini live, but with past stints at Twilo, the ACA Soundfest and high praise from the DJ and Producer cognoscenti, I knew we were in for a treat. The programming of the evening was right on with a generous blend of vocals, basslines and driving beats that brought the crowd to the brink of explosion time and again during the most engaging set I've heard in some time. One track caught my particular attention and I had to know the name. Up to the DJ booth to find out it was Paris & Sharp - "Aphrodite" (Tarantella:Redanka Remix). The track samples the movie "Gladiator" created sometime after Luis Paris & Martin Sharp were at the cinema and became inspired by the soundtrack. Brilliant!

Tini's set ended with one of my favorite tunes of the moment, Evolution's "Walking on Fire." The eerily haunting vocals and dark melancholy tone kept us enthralled on the dancefloor. Passing the decks to Jason Jollins, Tini went out with a roar of appreciation from the crowd, loud cheers, a couple of high fives and a smiling, energized dancefloor. Jason Jollins threw down a fierce set bringing the crowd through the next 3 hours with a constant stream of energy derived from the beats. An old favorite Sven Vath "Barberella" was freshly rejuvenated with Jason's skillful touch as he layered another track on top to create a sound that gave "Barberella" new life.

The Plexi party people were a diverse bunch, but they all had something in common: great energy. The dancefloor was the center of this kinetic gathering. Bodies were in constant motion to the beat from Bill's early set to Jason's closing near 5am. People often came up to me to comment on the "great vibe." Nowadays, alongside the search for the perfect beat, Gothamites are also looking for a little camaraderie, understanding and all-important vibe. It's hard to characterize "vibe," but when you see a room full of smiling, happy people it's definitely a good place to start. People refer to Filter 14 as the mini-Twilo and I experienced this first-hand looking out on the dancefloor and watching the party people dance. Their unique dancing styles, boundless energy and appreciation for the DJ are part of what made Twilo so special. We had a little piece of this tonight and you could feel the energy from the dancefloor emanating throughout the club. Cheers to everybody who made it out and contributed to a great party.

Come check out what the buzz is all about - save the date for Trendroid return as Plexi residents on December 13th for a happy birthday betty celebration. See you on the dancefloor!

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