The New York Debut of Kosheen with special guest Astroglyde
    @ Shine, New York
    Monday, November 26, 2001
    Rating: 8
    If you were in my heart...

The flyer advertised that doors would open at 9pm. Yet at 9:45pm they were still doing sound checks while a line gathered outside Shine. Shortly thereafter we were escorted in. Due to some dumb luck or maybe just the electronica Gods summoning me - I won tickets through Giant Step. Always a bonus - since these tix were being sold through TicketMaster for $10 and the Monday after a gala Thanksgiving party weekend in Gotham is a hard-sell. Onto the party…

Astroglyde was in the mezzanine DJ booth, as the stage was set with tons of band equipment (guitars, drum set, keyboard, turntables and an iBook). The Astroglyde duo of James Bem & Gaby Dershin proceeded to get the party in motion. I recently heard a set at the Coffeeshop (with Phazon) and I wasn't sure if it was just the impeccable sound system or their talents that sounded incredible. Tonight they proved that it wasn't just the Phazon, these two are right on. Their DJing talents, tastes and massive record collection should take this duo far. In the unfortunate event you don't get to experience these two on the dancefloor, look out for their upcoming productions on Automatic Records (UK) and Oxygen Music Works. A-S-T-R-O-G-L-Y-D-E - these two can sure lube up the dancefloor. Then again, I think that's the idea.

The Kosheen trio Markee Substance, Darren Decoder and Sian Evans (with 2 extra band members in tow tonight) is a live drum 'n' bass act. Their recent claim to fame in the dance scene has been their debut hit "Hide U." This song has been played on dancefloors for the better part of the year. Almost to the point where nobody could bear to hear it anymore, but that seems to happen with most popular songs (i.e. Iio's Rapture). For me, this song reminds me of better days at Twilo when Digweed or Tong would drop it and the dancefloor would be thrown into a heady frenzy. You remember the time? Don't deny it.

The lead singer Sian Evans has THE sultriest voice. Similarly to Dani Siciliano's torch-singer voice from Herbert (seen at PS1 this summer) - she will melt your heart. Their performance started off with a drum 'n' bass track and the drummer was on fire. Relentless drum 'n' bass beats that my feet had a hard time keeping up with, but the drummer kept it on. Next off, the most beautiful melodic song with a strong 4-4 beat commingled with trancey strains emanating from the keyboard hooked to the iBook. The sound of Kosheen manages to fuse the organic with electronica-fueled adrenaline to create an utterly distinctive sound - this is the Kosheen sound. For the better part of an hour, they held us in complete awe.

Kosheen takes genre-bending to another level. Part of their philosophy from Markee Substance states "a good song is universal; if you love it you'll love it, no matter what style of music you're into". As they continue to push their sound into different arenas, we'll be sure to be on the lookout. Kosheen's album "Resist" debuts March 5th 2002 on Kinetic Records.

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