The Chemical Brothers - Exclusive DJ Appearance
    @ Centro-Fly, New York
    Friday, November 2, 2001
    Rating: 8
    Hey girls, hey boys, Superstar DJ's, Here we go!

The stage was set for a glorious evening. The Chemical Brothers have been building anticipation for their new album release as early as this summer by distributing only 50 white labels of the percussive beast "It Began In Afrika" to select DJs. It has since been heard on dancefloors all summer long from New York, Ibiza and the UK from among the cognoscenti: Danny Tenaglia, Sasha and Pete Tong to name a few that I have heard live. The gathering tonight was limited to exclusive advance online ticket sales in order to ensure that the Chemical Brothers U.S. fans would get their only chance this year to see them in action. The Chems label Astralwerks definitely had the right ingredients for a fantastic night - check out their "official" Chemical Brothers site for further details about the upcoming album "Come With Us" slated for a January 2002 release.

Liquid Todd opened the floor with progressive house & breaks that filled up the dancefloor to capacity by the time the Chemical Brothers hit center stage at 12:30am. As the crowd surged towards the booth to get a glimpse of the dynamic duo, Ed & Tom started to deliver some block rockin' beats. The two were fully engaged on the decks, always in motion, producing swirling synths against a backdrop of banging beats. Their DJ sound is quite different from their albums big beats and rockist breakbeats, instead the dancefloor was infused with four-on-the-floor rhythms of acid house and trance. The night began with the Chems new song "Come With Us" off of their upcoming album and then nostalgia and mayhem took over the crowd as Trisco's "Musak" and its mistakable strains filled the room. As expected, samples of "It Began In Afrika-ka-ka-ka" could be heard throughout several songs before they unleashed it onto the frenzy-induced dancefloor. These two "brothers" have acquired the respect of their fans with their quality productions and now they are gaining momentum as DJs. They were most recently listed in DJ Mag's annual Top 100 DJs survey.

While the mayhem ensued upstairs, downstairs in the Pinky, DJ Disciple of GBH rocked the vibe. It felt more like a house party with the friendly faces and smiles being exchanged as everybody grooved to the same beats. It was a respite from the heated condensation on the main floor. If only to catch your breath for a moment from the crowd, then you had to head back into the thick to hear the Chems spin on. The Chems concluded their booming set with "Hey Boy, Hey Girl" - a classic tune to end their set that characterized the motif of the night:

"Hey girls, hey boys,
Superstar DJ's,
Here we go!"

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Chemical Brothers Photo Credit Kevin Westenberg

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