Full Moon Halloween: Satoshi Tomiie & Trendroid
    @ the Loft, New York
    Wednesday, October 31, 2001
    Rating: 7
    A bona-fide bag full of treats at the last loft party...

Halloween is usually reserved for trick or treating for the kiddies, but here in Gotham we had a bag full o' treats for those in attendance at the final loft party. The loft space has been host to amazing parties this year, all post-Twilo including the now legendary Danny Howells fest and Sander Kleinenberg soiree. Tonight was traditionally a celebration for All Hallows Eve, originating from the Pagan Holiday Samhain (pronounced sow-wen). Its name means summers end. This spirit connotation originated as the ancient Celtic druids paid tribute with gifts, food and sometimes sacrifices to the spirit world to insure that next year's crop would be bountiful. It was a time for communicating with the dead and receiving wisdom from past ancestors to insure prosperity. Nowadays, it is a time to break out of our shells of normalcy and our traditional clubbing attire goes out the window in favor of fantastical costumes and hedonistic partying. Those Celtic druids would be proud.

Trendroid opened the party with their tunes rocking the decks with ˝ hour tag-team sets. They were both in high spirits and even adorned costumes for the occasion, Pankaj as Count Dracula and Matt Edwards as Superman. They even provided their own treat for the first 25 at the DJ booth with a copy of the 1 hour Trendroid mix cd for Whoop Radio (UK), featuring some of their recent productions, some current faves, and a few rarities. The secret password at the booth… "31 seconds." Clever! These fellas know how to give back to the community. Nice one boys! Trendroid's Croc Hunter remix of North Atlantic's "Mind Filter" is their newest remix distributed on Australian label EQ. The hypnotizing sample "take control, take control" managed to catapult the floor into a frenzy.

The Wicked Witch of the East AKA Satoshi Tomiie hit the decks incognito. He donned a witch's hat, complete with wicked hair and preferred mode of transportation a broomstick with a wooden crow mascot in hand. What is it they say, "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." Well, Satoshi's bird was well worth it. He started his set off with a classic tune, Michael Jackson's "Thriller." These brought us back to yesteryear and days past - a nice one to start of his set, since Halloween brings back all sorts of nostalgia.

The party people were in force as anything but themselves. There were devils, a pierrot, a hippie replete with afro, glam girls, fluttering wings of all types: angels, butterflies, fairy princesses and in tune with the current times there was one reveler in full biohazard costume to seek out any anthrax in our midst. All areas were secure. As expected the loft space was hot, hot, hot, but a party in the loft wouldn't be the same without the soaring temperatures and sweaty bodies commingling on the dancefloor. For all the scores of Halloween parties happening in the city tonight, there were no tricks for us, only the DJs and their bag full of treats. Thanks DJ Fan|Ted for keeping it real and giving us one last party in the Loft.

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Photos Amy Walter and JayP

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