Sandra Collins, John Creamer & Alan Sax
Kinetic Records CD Release Party for the new Cream Compilation mixed by Sandra Collins

    @ Vinyl, New York
    Saturday, October 20, 2001
    Rating: 5
    This Trance Goddess has turned to a harder sound...

Saturday night in Gotham and the city is bustling. My first stop on the NYC circuit was going to be DJ Tiesto in Times Square. Even though we were on Tiesto's list, the line snaked down the block with 500+ party people anxiously waiting to hear a bit of Tiesto. His popularity in NY is incredible for a DJ who has only spun here once in the last year. His gig in March at Limelight was sold-out with similar crowds. We skipped the party and the inevitable masses of bodies bound to be inside. All was not lost, as the lights and action of Times Square - the crossroads of the world - had us transfixed in its own trance. We were spell-bound with bright video and blaring horns, mesmerized by the bright lights, big city. Staring at a neon American flag made us feel like we were in the center of the U.S.A.

On to Vinyl with Sandra Collins, Alan Sax and John Creamer. It was the release party for Sandra's new Cream compilation sponsored by Kinetic Records who released her Tranceport 3 in the summer of 2000. Alan Sax started off slow, but then progressed for Sandra Collins to take center-stage. Her sound has definitely changed from her trance days. No longer did we hear the soaring melodies of trance classics C'est Muzique's "Shane" and Airwave's "Rank 1". This Trance Goddess has turned to a harder sound. The beats were relentlessly pounding and Vinyl's sound system could not handle it, neither could my ears. The thumping beats were the backdrop against many vocals, but there was something in the tracks missing in the mid-range and the treble highs were ear piercing. Even Dido's beautiful "Take My Hand" sounded a bit distorted on the sound system. The crowd was a little thin compared to the Danny Howells crowd the week prior, but there was a strong gathering of ravers present - a testament to Sandra's earlier roots as the rave scene queen. From Frankie Bones' early STORM raves in Brooklyn and West Coast desert raves to her 1999 opening night DJ set at Woodstock following Moby to a crowd of 80,000, Sandra Collins has homegrown fans up and down both coasts.

John Creamer hit the decks after 3 hours of some hard, hard Sandra who encored with FSOL "Papa New Guinea" (Satoshi Tomiie Mix). The crowds thinned after John Creamer's moodier set began. After all, they were mostly here to celebrate with Sandra Collins - the uncontested female DJ of America who is now bringing her sound across the pond to Cream and beyond.

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