Dave Seaman & Luis Diaz Columbus Day Weekend
    @ Vinyl, New York
    Saturday, October 6, 2001
    Rating: 8
    It's gonna be a lovely day...

Flashback to Ibiza 2001 - a scene from an Italian restaurant, Il Vaticano situated by the infamous Café del Mar. I was sitting with a couple of friends when in walks one of my favorite DJs; Dave Seaman. Was that really him? There was no mistaking that smooth head. This is Ibiza, a place where DJs are everywhere and accessible in all parts of the island: clubs, bars, beaches and yes, Italian restaurants. A clubbers' paradise. We bumped into him again the next night at Space, where Dave came to check out Sasha¼s set in the main room, decadently clad in matching Burberry shorts and shirt. He remembered us, probably due to a lack of other Korean-Americans in Ibiza, or perhaps his suspicions were aroused after 2 recent encounters. I assured him we were not stalking him. We chatted about New York and mutually bemoaned the closing of Twilo and his residency. I asked him when and where he planned on spinning again in Gotham. He mentioned Roseland as a possible venue in the Fall, but I was quick to recommend Vinyl for a real look into NYC clubbing. Maybe it's because Vinyl has no liquor license or its no-frills decor, or the aura of past legends, but the vibe comes ready-to-go at Vinyl. So we asked and he came Dave Seaman back in New York. Once I saw him in the booth, I showed him the photo from Ibiza and he graciously signed it with a big *heart*.

All week long, energy buzzed about Dave Seaman's party. Everybody was looking forward to the first BIG party since September 11th with high expectations for a night of release. Luis Diaz opened with a progressive set, not unlike his opening sets at Twilo for Paul van Dyk. As I walked in I heard the familiar strains of Jakatta's "American Dream" (theme from American Beauty). Just recalling the name of the track and listening to the gorgeous glacial piano breakdown sent shivers down my spine and touched me with a bit of patriotism. There's a lot of that going on in NYC and Vinyl was dressed the part with red, white & blue streamers hanging throughout the dance floor - a tasteful touch that unobtrusively acknowledges the world outside our escapist dimension.

Many times during the night, I heard the commentary "the vibe is so incredible." Everybody felt the mood - it was 6am energy all night long. As Dave's set progressed into his signature blend of progressive and trance, melodies soared against a backdrop of basslines that were uplifting yet constantly driving. His mastery over three decks exemplified his skills as a DJ both in programming and mixing. From progressive to vocals to breaks to trance all blended into a seamless landscape of a dancing frenzy. Early in the night, Brancaccio & Aisher - "Lovely Day" reminded us yet again that "it's gonna be a lovely day for you and me just wait and see." I've heralded this as New York's anthem before, but now it only seems more poignant as we start to rebuild ourselves from Ground Zero. A classic favorite, Planet Funk "Chase The Sun" unleashed the requisite chaos from all corners of the room.

After a summer of deep, dark progressive beats Dave Seaman managed to pull us away out of that dark and bring us into a lighter, happier realm with high energy, good mixing and lots of familiar tunes. Sometimes the DJ doesn't have to play completely underground music heaped with white labels that only a handful of train-spotters could identify. Sometimes all we want is a good party - a DJ to stand at the helm of the party and elevate people's mood and spirits and engage them to dance. Together with Dave, we sustained this energy until 8am. I couldn't dance anymore, but I couldn't stop. It was a most excellent night and as we collected our coats and stepped outside, the morning sunshine reminded us that it¼s gonna be a lovely day.

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