Touch presents Tarrentella: Redanka "Playback Engineering" Release Party
    @ Rubber Monkey, New York
    Friday, October 5, 2001
    Rating: 7
    The Touch brothers know how to party...

The Touch brothers know how to party. For the last two years they have infiltrated the NYC scene from the depths of underground parties in Brooklyn to the main stage at Shine (their current home in NYC). Since launching their weekly soiree at Shine, they've been bringing in a rotating cast of world-class DJs to New York. Tonight was no exception as Tarrentella: Redanka were here to kick-off their US tour and celebrate the release of "Playback Engineering" with Touch residents Billy Shane and Sean Hall. The party tonight was moved to a different venue due to a benefit at Shine - Rubber Monkey in the vicinity of Ground Zero. It was eerily strange as we crossed police barricades to party on in the midst of such destruction, but the NYPD waved us on as we all exchanged smiles. A little nightlife is good for the soul and it felt right on that the police would smile approvingly as we made our way.

Enter Rubber Monkey - a small intimate club with two floors and three rooms. All the action was downstairs as Billy Shane and Sean Hall took the decks and warmed the crowd while the dancefloor filled up slowly. Chris "Tarrentella" Bourne and Andy "Redanka" Holt have been well-known for their productions and collaborations with renowned producers such as Satoshi Tomiie and Danny Tenaglia. Their set carried the same Tarrentella: Redanka sound with original tribal rhythms and twisted tech sounds against a never relenting backdrop of deep, driving beats.

Excitement carried through the night as fellow producers Satoshi Tomiie, Trendroid and Baby Hec were out and about to support one of their own. Tarrentella: Redanka are surely the producer's producers and one of the most wanted production teams out there. Their sound definitely carries well from the booth and it's nice to see Tarrentella: Redanka out from the studio and on the main floor commanding the dancing frenzy imagined from the confines of a studio.

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