Plexi with Trendroid
    @ Filter 14, New York
    Thursday, September 27, 2001
    Rating: 8
    Disaster relief of a different kind

New York City, New York.
Ever since September 11th the city has been in mourning. In recent days the mood has shifted to a quiet sort of melancholy. Although the bars have been packed with groups huddled over in quiet conversation, the dance scene has lacked the vibrancy and energy that drives it. The scores of World Trade Center benefits by the clubs & DJs have been bringing people out for a good cause, but there's still an underlying note of sadness that accompanies them. We salute all the heroes of the NYPD, FDNY and Emergency Service workers who responded to the call of duty so heroically and we mourn all those that we have lost. These have been tough times marked with uncertainty and a wary anticipation of things to come. The times they are a-changing. You would never imagine that Rudy Guiliani (Mayor of New York) would encourage us to go out dancing, but he did exactly that when he told New Yorkers to "resume their normal daily activities." We tried to do that at Plexi.

This month's Plexi party resembled a communion. The past weeks have seen New Yorkers bind together in unexpected ways under trying conditions which overshadowed and muted the tie that bound us together before the tragedy - the love of dancing. In a city as big as New York, its amazing how we have all come to know one another. This tragedy has bound us even closer together. New York has suddenly been sweetened by a certain niceness and consideration for your neighbor. The degrees of separation that connect us multiplied with heartfelt sorrow - everybody knew somebody or knew somebody who knew somebody directly affected by a loss. These binds were again fortified tonight by seeing all the familiar faces. Between hugs and smiles of recognition - the crowd proceeded to get their groove on. For many people this was the first night out dancing - the first night emerging from the smoke and rubble - a phoenix with enough energy to ignite the dancefloor. This is what New York needed.

The opening set by resident Jason Jollins got the crowd in the mood with some deep, groovy house as we held anticipation for Trendroid (last seen the same night Twilo closed back in May). There's been a buzz about Trendroid from DJs and producers alike. They were a definitive part of the party. I usually find the best parties are in the company of DJs who really know how to enjoy the crowd. In a small, intimate club like Filter 14, the DJ and dancer are one and we move together to the same beat. Trendroid knows this and the special moments came when they played their own tracks; "Ignition" and a promising, yet unreleased one "Take Control." In addition, some familiar tunes included; Crystal Method's "Murder" (John Creamer and Stephane K), Ubu's "Pixels", New Order's "Crystal", Kings of Tomorrow's "Finally", X-Press 2's "Smoke Machine", and Simulation's "Simulation" amongst many other unknowns provided the disaster relief for the night. In our world of uncertainty, the music of the night filled us with a promise of a better tomorrow.

The venue Filter 14 has been dubbed by the dancing cognoscenti as the mini-Twilo. It was the music and the vibe that made Twilo great and Plexi has managed to recreate that albeit on a smaller scale. The sound system is stellar and watching the dancefloor in action, it was obvious that the Plexi party attracted dancers who could in great confidence ask, "can you dance to my beat?"

Music makes the people come together and in times like these it is much needed. So, as the scene continues on in New York, we heed the advice to continue on and vow to remember those we've lost. Now more than ever I feel the unity and support of the global dance community. Let us revel in the music and spread the love & energy on the dancefloor. I Love New York!

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