An Evening Offshore with Sander Kleinenberg
    @ Paddlewheel Queen, New York
    Thursday, September 6, 2001
    Rating: 8
    All aboard with Sander. Oh captain, my captain!

The Flying Dutchman now affectionately known as the Sailing Dutchman (AKA the Paddlewheel King), arrived to the dock minutes before the official boarding time 7:30pm. As the line started winding down the waterfront, Sander was seen coming out of a taxi making his way on to the boat. Sander is definitely one good-looking DJ. His electric smile has bewitched hearts, while his palpitating beats and galvanizing melodies have captivated the ears of all the people. All aboard for a 4-hour tour.

A sold-out 400 capacity boat was filled with familiar faces from the last two NuBreed parties with Pappa/Burridge and Howells. Yet it seems Gotham has not had enough. On the boat, the DJ booth was situated in the corner of the upper deck opened on to the dancefloor. No elevated DJ booth or glass-encased superstar - Sander was dancing along with his million Guilder smile beaming out into the crowd. He brought on top-notch bass groves and deep-synth sounds. There was an incredible mix of New Order's "Blue Monday" morphing into Depeche Mode's "I Feel Loved." In-and-out you could hear the strains of "How does it feel to treat me like you do" juxtaposed against "I feel loved...I feel loved." A bittersweet scorn blended into a declaration of romantic self-worth. The new anthem of New York can be summed up by Brancaccio & Aisher's "Lovely Day" - "it's gonna be a lovely day for you and me just wait and see." We hold that promise in our clubbing hearts, especially with the draconian Rudy Guiliani administration coming to an end and with the impending November elections for NYC Mayor. We're all looking for a sympathetic candidate to listen to the concerns of the dance music community. When Sander dropped this at the peak of the night, a chorus of voices belted out the refrain on the boat in unison. I think they could hear us across the Hudson River in New Jersey.

Right behind the DJ decks was the ladies' toilet. A normally long, tedious wait became a pleasure as every lady-in-waiting could gaze longingly at Sander's backside. At one point in the evening, Sander left the decks to use the closest loo and the ladies were pleasantly surprised to find Sander in their midst. I quickly followed him in to grab a couple minutes of his time. A rather impromptu place for an interview. After a quick introduction (since the man did have business to take care of), I asked him if he could confirm or deny the veracity of rumors regarding a New York residency. He bemoaned the loss of Twilo and his pending residency there, but replied with a hopeful "I think it will happen." Sander, if tonight is any indication of your popularity in Gotham - we think so too. Other DJs and producers who were seen on the boat who might agree: Hector Romero, Satoshi Tomiie, Stephane K and John Creamer.

As the witching hour of midnight approached and the boat was gently brought to dock, the party came to an end, but nobody was moving off the dancefloor. The boat crew asked Sander to plead with the crowd to leave. The Dutchman got on the microphone and spoke in his lilting Dutch accent, " I really enjoyed playing for all of you. I really had a great time. This man here has asked me to tell you to leave." Both jeers and cheers rang in the crowd. Oh what a night!

A special thanks to Franklin Yap, Mike Bindra and Made Records for bringing Holland's finest export and the rest of the roster of NuBreed DJs to Gotham. We are definitely ready to 'ave it for the nu sound of the NuBreed.

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