Labor Day Weekend 2001 NYC: Danny Howells Marathon Set
    @ Vinyl, New York
    Sunday, September 2, 2001
    Rating: 8.5

Anticipation hung in the air. We had all been waiting. Danny Howells has been adopted as the newfound savior of the dance music community in Gotham. His sets have become legendary, beginning in May at the loft party and again to celebrate Independence Day in Gotham with a 10-hour marathon set. Tonight we even waited until 1am for the doors to open, as the legendary Body & Soul party was conducting their Sunday session. By opening hour, the line had already snaked down to Hudson Street with clubbers eager to be at the mercy of one Danny Howells.

The beauty of Danny's DJ skills lies in the breadth of music he can weave into a continuous 9-hour composition. All the genres mixed into a masterful blend of progressive-tribal-tech-house-techno-breakbeats-trance and his own signature "deepsexyfuturistictechfunkhouse." He is a master craftsman, yet his enthusiasm for the scene and his sets would belie his 10+ years of experience as a DJ. In the booth, Danny's hips are constantly in motion and with his hands-up-in-the-air fervor, you'd start to question who was having the better time: the DJ or the clubbers. The answer is quite simple though, this was a party and at Danny's parties everybody has a grand 'ole time.

Early in the morning, half past 7am as the sun is still rising outside the dark confines of the club, Danny laid down Brancaccio & Aisher's "Lovely Day" [Bedrock]. The chorus rang true as the voice sang, "it's gonna be a lovely day for you and me just wait and see." After experiencing an incredibly lovely night how could it not be a lovely day. Most people walked around with this look of satisfaction shining in their eyes. Many have mourned the loss of Twilo, but we all understand Twilo was just a place. It was the DJ, the music and the people who created everything that was special about Twilo (minus the Phazon, only Steve Dash could create that). The dancefloor itself was graced by the Wizard of Trance [Justin] in full wizardry garb - sorcerer's hat, cape, beard and all - on top a speaker with the spotlights beaming - the crowd cheering for the Wizard, only second to Danny himself. One unexpected jarring element of the night was the excessive use of the siren. It was ill conceived and poorly executed. The siren-happy lighting guy should have stuck with the lights and leave the musical landscape to Danny.

Vinyl may be Danny Tenaglia's house of worship, but just for one night there was a new deity in town. Post-party accolades are being praised on - you can read 125+ messages dedicated to the night and the DJ. The dance music scene has transcended the dancefloor onto online communities. This only reinforces the bonds that tie and Danny helps bring it all together. We spoke with Danny in the booth and when asked how it felt back to be back in New York, he exclaimed "Fuckin' Amazing!" He added only one point, "we should do this more regularly." Yes Danny, we should and we'll all be waiting for you on the dancefloor...

This has been quite a fantastic year - 2001: A Danny Odyssey

P.S. Danny will be back in Gotham on October 13th to celebrate the release of his Renaissance mix.

X-Press 2 - "Smoke Machine"
Satoshi Tomiie - "Virus"
BPT featuring Danny Morales - "Moody" (Futureshock Mix)
Ubu - "Pixels" (Acapella)
Brancaccio & Aisher - "Lovely Day"
Superchumbo - "Revolution" (Trendroid's Rebel Forces Mix)
Science Dept. - "Breathe" (Danny Howells' Drifting Dub)
Science Dept. - "Persuasion"
Recently released techhouse cover of Yaz's "Situation"
DJ Rolando aka The Aztec Mystic - "Night of the Jaguar"

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