GU NuBreed 5 Record Release Party: Anthony Pappa and Lee Burridge
    @ Vinyl, New York
    Thursday, August 30, 2001
    Rating: 6
    The NuBreed invasion begins

To celebrate the beginning of the end of summer - a marathon labor day weekend awaits and kicks off with the powerful 1-2 punch of Anthony Pappa and Lee Burridge. The latest installment in the NuBreed series, #5 Lee joins the ranks of Pappa, Howells, Lawler and Sander. We'd say he's in quite good company.

Lee Burridge stepped up to the decks from opening at 10pm til 12am, with Pappa to follow 'til 2am and then a tag-team set until closing. Lee Burridge largely known for encompassing a wide-range of dance music in his sets, started off the night with more house and deep grooves. I awaited all night for more of his signature breakbeats, but either I missed it or he left those at home.

No surprise when Made Record's newly signed track Vaiio - Rapture was dropped by Pappa. This might have been the peak of his set as the crowd whooped it up in a frenzy and many a person could be seen singing along, "sugar - makes my soul complete - rapture tastes so sweet..." Some say the track is already getting old in the same vein as Kosheen's Hide U and Satoshi's Love in Traffic, but a good progressive house track with dark, sultry vocals emanating a sexy cool is never out of style.

During the course of the night, Pappa kept on lowering the volume levels and bringing them back up. The effect was lost either because of the just-adequate sound system or the lack of a constant progressive plateau. The impromptu breaks would bring the dancefloor to a screeching halt and although at times, Pappa was pounding hard percussive tech beats, they'd succumb to a sudden halt. There was a lot of stop-and-go, meanwhile the traffic wanted to move full speed ahead. Two musical highpoints and great examples of genre crossovers - Radiohead 'Everything in its Right Place' (Hybrid mix) and a remix of Chris Issak's classic 'Wicked Game' - characterized by such haunting vocals "~I never dream that I'd meet somebody like you, And I never dream that I knew somebody like you." Beautiful!

The party itself was a collection of the progressive house music scene in Gotham - clubbers, promoters, DJs and producers. The dancefloor filled with familiar faces and dance steps I've seen before somewhere on west 27th street. Also, Satoshi Tomiie and Sean Cusick in tune to hear the NuBreed sound.

This IS the NuBreed Labor Day weekend - bring on Danny Howells and Sander Kleinenberg. The summer of 2001 is sure to end with some bangin' beats.

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