SAW Recordings | Blister Party: Satoshi Tomiie, Hector Romero & Hiro
    @ Filter 14, New York
    Tuesday, August 21, 2001
    Rating: 8
    Satoshi delivers - deep, dark, progressive and intense

Upon arriving at Filter 14, we found ourselves facing a queue. A seemingly unlikely sight for a Tuesday night in the meatpacking district, but then again, we were all here to see Satoshi Tomiie. A long stalwart of the house scene with early forays with Def Mix and Frankie Knuckles, he has most recently been brought to the forefront of the scene winning high praises for 'Love in Traffic'. Now every clubber in the prog house scene is familiar with the sultry, sexy vocals associated with the track. In the last year, nary a party was complete without hearing this song. It has been a must-have for every record box of the DJ cognoscenti. And now, the Blister/SAW Recording parties featuring Satoshi monthly are a must for everyone who wants to be a part of the new movement in house music.

At 1am, Hector Romero was going strong. Standing on the periphery of the crowded dancefloor, the four walls were already dense with condensation. The mingling of hot, sweaty bodies tinged with an infectious groove. The familiar strain, "it's time for a revolution..." began to be heard and I found myself standing next to Trendroid as Hector galvanized the crowd with Trendroid's Rebel Forces' remix of Superchumbo's 'The Revolution.' Trendroid was going mad for it at the sound of their remix - they reacted with each thunderous bassline with authority - as well they should. Also heard was their 'Trendication to House' (Trendroid's s.a.s mix) track. Satoshi recently unleashed this at Space in Ibiza and needless to say, the main room was devastated. This dynamic duo named Trendroid (Matt & Pankaj) will be going far.

By 1:45am Satoshi had entered the booth and the temperature had risen in the room. One girl had fainted from the heat, shirts were coming off and bodies were drenched with the heat of the night. Satoshi's set was all sexy and wickedly aggressive. His track selection held us in a spell-binding dance frenzy and would not let us go. Satoshi must have one of the hottest record boxes in town with his recent gigs in Ibiza at both world renowned Pacha and the infamous terrace at Space, bringing him the best of the best. He is first and foremost a producer and remixer and his command of each track is apparent during his DJ sets. Standing front row and center, I was looking up at Satoshi holding his arms in mid-air conducting the music to precision. His arms swaying to each thundering bassline and venomous groove, he stood as the conductor of the crowd. We'll call him Captain Lightning for the night. We like to see our DJs 'aving it just as much as we are and Satoshi delivers - deep, dark, progressive and intense. That's the way we like it.

The night was rumored to trail off near 5am. An impressive feat for a Tuesday night for those constantly in search of the perfect beat. Surprisingly in our city of Gotham, the venues are getting smaller but the sound is getting bigger and bigger - with each track at every party, we're ready to explode - it's time for a revolution... Stay tuned for Labor Day mayhem in Gotham with Anthony Pappa, Lee Burridge and a marathon set by Danny Howells.

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