Paul van Dyk
    @ Avalon - Boston, Massachusetts
    Friday, August 10, 2001
    Rating: 8
    Two hours of PvD is better than no PvD

It was a hot and humid day. Record highs had been recorded in Gotham for 3 days running and we were in search of some sort of reprieve. Things didn't bode well. First, stuck underground like roaches in a subway car for 30 minutes on the way to meet our ride. Then, a 6.5 hour journey to Boston through rain and traffic. We checked into the Hotel Buckminster, a suite of luxury located a few blocks from Avalon. We hurried to get our groove on by making our way down a very dark Landsdowne street. We happened upon thousands of clubbers outside, everybody with perplexed looks on their faces amidst the darkness. Apparently the power had went out on the entire block since 3am and there were no lights, no sound and quite possibly no PvD. The potential travesty of it all. Everybody remained hopeful though, especially those who journeyed from afar. It was the worst of times.

Suddenly in the midst of the crowd, a light shimmered on outside the doors. Then, the street lights grew bright and the hopefulness in our hearts somersaulted in glee. The masses were to be let in, everybody edging their way in eager to see Paul van Dyk. We found our way inside. We knew it would be a short set with the clock ticking as we had stood outdoors. Yet the magic from the decks as PvD spun his magical progressive set. From midnight till 2am, he spun relentlessly knowing that we had waited so long for this. Two hours of PvD is better than none, so we enjoyed it nonetheless and afterwards we continued the party in our hotel suite with others in search of a good after-party. So instead, we created our own. Boombox blaring PvD live sets from O, candles to add to the ambience and a roomful of shiny, happy people. We brought his energy with us and in the end it all comes down to the music and the people you are with that make for a memorable night. Every moment and event is what you make of it and we did our very best to ensure that we all had the most of it. It was the best of times.

A TWILOFUCKER shirt was seen with the "FUCKER" crossed out in a big X with PvD's signature sprawled across it. TWILO & PvD - that's the way it used to be. We'll keep searching for better avenues to hear him and we'll always find another way, until together we will conquer and prove that we are alive.

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