Danny Howells Loft Party
    New York, New York
    Saturday, May 19, 2001
    Rating: 9.5
    With Twilo closed, the party people find new beginnings



A cryptic email from "Danny Fan":

If your favourite club is about the music...
And if your favourite club is about the people...
Then come get your fix with and the rest of us.

Therapy starts at 10pm and won't end even with closure.


So, the night started with mystery. Would this really happen? Too many people might already know about this party. Would it be difficult getting in? And what about that party last weekend with Richie Hawtin that got broken up by the cops? These questions plagued the party people as they made their way to the secret place. They were not to be disappointed.

A quick hurried entrance, as the party people were whisked into the venue by familiar Twilo faces - both management & security alike. A sign greeted them - "Welcome to Franklin & Sharon's Engagement Party -Suggested donation $20". Sharon of course, is the beautiful bouncer at the door checking IDs at Twilo each and every Friday night. With a quick congratulations, we stepped into clubber's paradise.

The music bangin' from the Phazon sound system installed in quick time was the forbidden fruit. All those present had already tasted the Phazon - many times over, our very own tree of knowledge. Even Rudy Guiliani could not keep us away from our Garden of Eden. Danny Howells stood at the pinnacle of the gathering with arms stretched out, jumping up and down with fiery intent. He was definitely up-for-it and his excitement was evident on every clubber's smile. Although the temperature on the dance floor may have been reminiscent of hell, it was pure heaven. Nary a gathering of Twiloites has ever been seen. It was the intimacy and energy of 6am on the main floor, only the party started and ended with this same vibe.

This night was the essence of Twilo. It was as if all the bad clubbing seeds had been banished and all that was left was Twilo concentrate. Take party people - add bottles of water, red bull, Phazon, and a phenomenal DJ - and shake. Voila!


...they rested.

"twilo is not a club, but a spontaneous gathering of people."
"this is the best party ever"
"welcome summer!"
"twilo brings it all together"

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