Paul Oakenfold - Swordfish Premiere Party
    @ Rockefeller Center - New York
    Friday, May 11, 2001
    Rating: 9
    A magical night with Oakey in the heart of New York City

A perfect pre-summer's night. Imagine in the heart of New York City, in the midst of a historical landmark there was history in the making. A milestone had been reached, trance has reached into the heart of Gotham and we were all there to bear witness. It was a magical night and all those present will surely remember this night for years to come.

Paul Manship's 1934 golden statue, Prometheus loomed behind the decks, only accentuating the strains of trance from Oakenfold. So the myth goes - as Prometheus gave fire to man, Oakenfold gave trance to America. When just a couple months ago, the ground we stood on hosted the Rockefeller ice skating rink, it now served as the ultimate New York City dance venue. As we listened and as we danced, the skyscrapers jettisoning into the dark night were the perfect compliment to the myriad of Oakie classics. As the people cheered through their smiles, the vibe was right-on.

This was the after-party for John Travolta, Halle Berry and Don Cheadle's new film Swordfish, a film about hackers who gain access to a Drug Enforcement Agency slush fund, for which Oakenfold created an original score. When asked if he was planning on dancing, John Travolta replied, "my moves don't really go with this kind of music." Oh well, his loss. As he looked on, hundreds of party people with all the right moves bounced the night away. MTV was on hand to capture all this. This just may be America's breakthrough. Stay tuned...

...this is just the beginning.

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