Sasha & Digweed's 4 Year Anniversary
    @ Twilo, New York
    Friday, March 30, 200
    Rating: 9
    The 4 year anniversary of Sasha & Digweed and an unxpected fire drill

Fire Drill

The entire fire episode was pretty surreal. Sometime after 4am, we heard an announcement that we needed to leave, but that they would let us back in. So, we all filed out through the back stairs onto west 27th Street. This must have been the most orderly fire evacuation ever. Everybody was in bewilderment, but once we stepped outside the cold reality of a lingering winter's night hit us hard. Even through the cold, everybody was good-natured - from the VW pumping out Satoshie Tomiie's Love in Traffic, to those crazy kids on the Ryder truck. We kept on being herded away from the club, back to the club and then away again. I don't know what was going on, but everybody near me started mooing, as they shuffled along. What a sight for the NYPD and FDNY! This must have been a first for them - thousands of clubbers outside evacuating and then, returning to the scene of the fire without a hitch or incident. Everybody was so well behaved. We even gave the FDNY a round of applause and cheers as they left the scene. It was a true testament to the vibe inside Twilo, usually found on the dance floor. The whole ordeal lasted about an hour from exit to re-entry. Diggers was waiting for us when we got back and he started laying it down hard right away, which was sorely needed since everybody needed to warm up and what better way is there than to dance to his beats.

Within 15 minutes, it felt like the fire was forgotten and it was business as usual as the crowd got their groove on as Digweed continued to take us away.

The fire did not deter anybody's mood. If anything, it was an interesting interlude in a now unforgettable night. This night was one for the books. Long after the fact, everybody there will remember one cold night while we stood waiting for Diggers on the 4 Year Anniversary.

As we were leaving [8am], there was a lone newsman with a camera out front, asking us if there was a fire earlier this morning at Twilo. To that, we answered, "fire? There was no fire." We just didn't feel like fueling the media frenzy surrounding Twilo. The next time Twilo hits the press it should only be about the glory of its DJs, sound system, vibe and continual efforts to make it a better place.

For first-hand account of the evacuation, get a hold of John Digweed's set on Kiss100FM (June.4.01)

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