Gatecrasher - DJ Tiesto
    @ Limelight, New York
    Saturday, March 3, 2001
    Rating: 8
    The UK superclub Gatecrasher presents Tiesto - the one and only trancemaster

An amazing night! To my knowledge it was Ttiesto's first gig in New York City and what a perfect beginning to a hopefully long-term relationship. The UK Club Gatecrasher brings its monthly party to Limelight - a New York City clubbing landmark. Located in an old church, the vaulted ceilings, stain glass windows and myriad of stairwells and passageways provide a unique, one-of-a-kind venue for the gatecrasher crew. A perfect match.

Guy Orandel and Scott Bond both started off with banging, progressive house and trance. But most everybody was eagerly awaiting Tiesto. By 3am, the crowd starting chanting -


It was a great unifying moment and Tiesto began to take us on a three hour magic carpet ride. His signature sound came across in lots of familiar tunes like Solar Stone Seven Cities, BT's Dreaming and an encore with Delerium's Dilence (DJ Tiesto in Search of Sunrise mix). Other tracks include, Eugina, Flesh, Lost Vagueness.

I have never seen it as crowded before in the limelight. Even from the far reach of the bathrooms, I could still hear the crowd whooping it up on the dancefloor. The heat in the space created a film of condensation on the satin glass windows - water dripping from the building. The place and everybody in it was on fire.

What is truly a pleasure is to watch Tiesto dancing to his own music. I stand and watched as a flick of his wrist, a twist of a knob and tiesto would be moving to the his own beat. Can you dance to my my my beat...

All in all, it was an incredible night of high energy and magical music. DJ Tiesto - welcome to New York! Please come again soon.

DJ TiŽsto the one and only trancemaster

This is the world of Magik,
Where you can create your own fairy tales.

Let yourself be captured by the musik,
Feel the forces of nature
That surround you an enchant you.

Live the life you always wanted to,
Because now is here
And tomorrow will never be

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