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Saturday Warm Up with X-Press 2 - 08.03.02 @ P.S.1
In the sweltering heat of summer, throngs of hipsters and clubbers alike gathered this Saturday for what proved to be the best line-up all summer at P.S.1. Jeannie Hopper, Metrotech and X-Press 2. I ventured over late in the afternoon as the heat was too much for me to bear and it seems I arrived just in time for Ashley Beedle, Rocky and Diesel to start the revelry with their traditional 6 decks & 2 CDJ set-up. During the course of their set, Ashley Beedle MC'ed the crowd into a frenzy with calls like "c'mon NY!" to much ado. Three hours of happy shiny people. Near 20:45, as we knew the end was near the familiar strains of Devo, now in its latest incarnation (yes, again) - Layo & Bushwacka!'s 'Love Story' started up. By now, we might all think it overplayed, but when you see thousands of people going off to it, some of them hearing it for the first time, I don't let my jaded sensibilities get the better of me. Instead I find myself bouncing around to the now-ever-so familiar strains with the rest of them. Can we say summer tune of 2002. No doubt! Then, another summer tune to end the night, a splendid remix of Donna Summer's 'I Feel Love.' What a difference from Tuesday's gig - it appears NYC has redeemed itself. Thankfully! At the end, Ashley Beedle thanked us for being "honest." Maybe it was for the honest enthusiasm we displayed. Maybe it was just for being who we are. New Yorkers are a different breed and maybe they sensed a bit of that today. I *heart* NY.

Overheard: "this might be premature, but this might be the best party all summer." Maybe not so premature. It was a memorable display, party people celebrating in the sounds of electronic dance music. The likes that I have not witnessed in so long. There's that threshold of clubbing that many people won't venture into, but P.S.1 affords them the freedom to do so without the stigmas of dark, dank clubs and late-night hours. Cheers to MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) for thinking progressive. New York needs more of this, not a hostile city administration that upholds antiquated cabaret laws. Why is there No Dancing Allowed? Find out more at the Dance Liberation Front.
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24 Hour Party People Premiere and After-Party - 08.01.02 @ Chelsea Cinemas & The Roxy
We may consider oursleves the 24 hour party people, but harking back to the early days of where we came from - this movie takes look back in time to the late 70s post-punk and new wave infusion of the Sex Pistols, Joy Division and the Happy Mondays - back in Manchester where it all began. The soundtrack is a nostalgic trip down 80s memory lane, but a new New Order track 'Here To Stay' infuses new energy as the closing track in the movie about the staying power of the music we love. This is already destined to be a classic with a little production help from the Chemical Brothers, who incidentally first met at Manchester University in 1989. The premiere was fairly star-studded - red carpet for Carl Cox & John Digweed (in-between Area 2 gigs) and the Director Michael Winterbottom and brilliant actor-comedian Steve Coogan who plays the movie's central character Factory Records head Tony WIlson.

The after-party at the Roxy featured esteemed journalist Tony Fletcher, who used to spin in Limelights's heady Disco 2000 days, opening for Moby and then BMOC Carl Cox. A swell crowd of beautiful people, celebrating an inspiring movie made for a great party vibe, albeit the cavernous Roxy. I had forgotten just how big the Roxy was and the new sound was stellar (reportedly Phazon, but then nowadays who doesn't have a Phazon). Why aren't there more great parties here?!?

Saeed & Palash 08.01.02 @ Centro-Fly
After an early 2am closing - (what happened to the 24Hour Party people?), I headed in search of another beat. Saeed & Palash at Centro-Fly. Great crowd, great sound - a bit of an anomoly for Centro-Fly, but when it's on, it rocks. Diggers apparently followed suit after a stop at Remedy. I ran into Elan of Matter:form and DJ Dave Hollands and entourage on their way to Discotheque. I wanted to stop in and listen to the techno leanings, but alas they were already closed. No party people here. Tired but not beat, because even party people need to eat - we headed to a French bistro for a late night nosh. I met the rest of the people around me - "Have we met?" - "I'm Josh." Who knew it was Josh Wink, who had been spinning earlier at De La Guarda's DJ Connection. His signature hairdo has been shorn, hence my confusion. I meant to ask him "How's your evening so far..." but I'm sure he's pretty sick of that by now.

What a night! What a week! I'm looking forward to relaxing this weekend on the urban playas of P.S.1 and the redemption of X-Press 2. Stay tuned.
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Global Underground presents James Lavelle - 07.31.02 @ Groovejet
The next in the GU series of superstar DJs in fabulous cities brings an unlikely talent: James Lavelle. Co-collaborator on U.N.K.L.E.with press darling DJ Shadow and founder of the much-respected Mo Wax Records, James's talents are far-reaching in the industry - way beyond a lot of his contemporaries on the GU series to date. Bravo GU for making a brave choice! Another open bar to lube the crowds, but the difference from last night was stark. Everybody here was *waiting* for James to go on. In the meantime, Wave Records A&R man Rob Sperte warmed up the crowd with a mixed melee of house, electro and tunes to ease us into the night. Finally, James on near 11pm to whoops from the diverse crowd. His set was a full on mix of breaks, drums and just weird unusual sounds overlayed a house beat. Something different for sure. Not always danceable, as I like to bounce but an interesting soundscape nonetheless.

Thanks to host Chris Barbour and Global Underground - they know how to throw a party. Looking forward to Global Underground 023: James Lavelle - Barcelona (Release date: October 2002)
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Lazy with X-Press 2: Record Release Party - 07.30.02 @ Union Square Ballroom
A full-on week of parties this week and how excited was I to see X-Press 2 on a Tuesday night, just before their pending gig at P.S.1 this Saturday. Paper magazine invitees and hipsters swarmed the open bar from 8pm-9pm. It looked like a promising crowd as Matter:/orm's Francis Harris started warming up the decks and the din of loud chatter rose in the room. Then BAM! open bar closed and everybody started filtering out just as X-Press 2 started up on the 6 turntables - 2 CDJ set-up. No respect. Apparently, the Trace Magazine party's open bar at the Angel Orensz Foundation was open til 11pm. We stuck it out in an energy void room to killer tracks like Layo & Bushwacka's 'Love Story'. Unfortunately, the look on X-Press 2's faces were just as disappointing as the party peple tonight.

Cheers to X-Press 2's Ashley Beedle, Rocky and Diesel for coming to Goham albeit having to play to an uneducated crowd. We promise to rock it with you at P.S.1 on Saturday. Also, a Metrotech live p.a. and Jennie Hopper - the best line-up for P.S.1 all summer and not to be missed!
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